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"It wasn't until Christine Cassidy began editing my manuscripts that I realized the value of a gifted editor. Her sharp eye for detail and extensive knowledge of the craft are undeniable. Without interjecting her own thoughts into my work, Christi's keen observations and probing questions encourage me to dig deeper into the heart of the story and take my writing to a higher level. With her help, I always know that I've given my best to each book."
Frankie J. Jones
Author of Becka's Song, Voices of the Heart and many other fine romance novels
"Christi Cassidy is an outstanding editor – meticulous, caring and careful. If you want to take your writing to the next level, hire her! She understands 'story' better than most writers, and her copyediting is impeccable. As an added bonus, she's an absolute delight to work with. I'd trust her with any type or scale of project."
Jennifer L. Jordan
Author of Selective Memory and the Kristen Ashe mysteries
"Even though I am obviously biased, I think you did an amazing job editing for me, and you taught me SO much. I didn't know POV from a hole in the wall before you, and I want to thank you once again."
Terri Breneman
Author of Compulsion, Obsession and other excellent mystery novels
"Christi Cassidy was instrumental in fine-tuning my first published mystery. Her editing was professional and insightful. I always felt she was aware of my writing goals and helped me to meet them with respect, sensitivity and humor. I still think of her tips when I'm writing now. I have used her on another project recently and all of the above comments applied once again. I recommend her for anyone needing a trusted and reliable editor."
Linda Morganstein
Author of Ordinary Furies and My Life with Stella Kane
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