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Editorial Assessment and Editorial Critique
The Editorial Assessment and Critique includes:
  • One complete reading of the manuscript
  • One letter detailing major issues, including but not limited to plot, voice, structure, characterizations, point of view (POV), 2-5 pages long
  • Manuscript is minimally marked in pencil
  • One phone conversation, 30-60 minutes, to discuss, optional but recommended
$25 per hour, approximately 10-15 pages per hour plus time to write the letter and have a phone conversation. Approximately $550-$650 for a 220-page manuscript.

Sometimes called line editing, copyediting includes spelling, punctuation, grammar, usage, consistency and similar. Copyediting is not the same as proofreading.
  • Negotiable: Either you receive a marked manuscript back and you make the changes, or I make the changes on the electronic document. Pricing is the same regardless.
$35 per hour, approximately 5-10 pages per hour. Approximately $1,100 for a 220-page marked manuscript.

Manuscript Editing
Manuscripts professionally evaluated, critiqued and edited.

Manuscript editing, sometimes called "substantive" or "developmental editing," includes:
  • "Big-picture" issues such as structure, voice, characterizations, plot, point of view (POV) and other issues
  • Copyediting—spelling, punctuation, grammar, usage
  • Editorial letter, usually 7-10 pages, depending on the genre and scope of the book, outlining big-picture issues as well as page-by-page notes
  • Marked manuscript returned to the author; manuscript is marked in pencil using standard proofreading marks in the right-hand margin and notes and queries to the author in the left-hand margin
  • Follow-up phone conversation about the manuscript (optional but recommended)
$50 per hour, approximately 2-7 pages per hour. Approximately $2,200 for a 220-page manuscript.

Book Doctoring
Book doctoring is a lengthy, detailed process and includes the following work on an existing manuscript:
  • Complete manuscript editing
  • Revising
  • Restructuring
  • Rewriting
  • Anything else that needs to be done to make the book the best it can be.
$75 per hour, approximately 1-5 pages per hour. Approximately $8,250 for a 220-page manuscript.

Writing – Professional marketing and press materials to add to your arsenal
  • Book proposal
  • Pitch letter or letters
  • Marketing letters and materials that you need to sell your book
  • Book press release
  • Author bio
  • Synopsis
  • Web page(s) or entire Web site
  • And anything else you need written about you or your manuscript or book
$50 per hour.
  • Author bio, approximately $150-$250
  • Book proposal, approximately $800-$1,000
  • Web pages, approximately $25-$50 per page
Other services I'm happy to refer you for: proofreading, book publicity

Please follow the Submission Guidelines for formatting your manuscript.

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