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How long have you been a book editor?
I began editing in 1986 at Naiad Press, having been taught by Katherine V. Forrest how to edit.

Are you a published author?
Yes, I have published poems in small literary journals, written blog entries and ghostwritten materials. My first published short story appeared in On Our Backs, edited by the amazing Susie Bright. In 1998, Barbara Grier and I coauthored an anthology of erotica called The Touch of Your Hand: Erotic Love Stories (Naiad, 1998).

Do you work directly with authors, or only with publishers and literary agents?
Yes, I work directly with published and unpublished authors as well as publishers and literary agents.

What books have you edited?
I've edited more than 250 books over the last two dozen or so years. Many of them are lesbian fiction books, including Becka's Song by Frankie Jones (Bella Books, 2008), Compulsion by Terri Breneman (Bella Books, 2008) and Ximora by Patty G. Henderson (Black Car Publishing, 2009). One book of nonfiction I worked on is the perennial best-seller Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot (Hunter House, 2003) by Deborah Sundahl. I am thanked in the acknowledgments of most of these books, which makes me happy. One recent book that I edited is a memoir called Emma's Gift: A Grieving Mother's Journey of Survival and Hope (TM Enterprises, 2011) by Nancy Fisher.

Do you edit the books yourself? Or do you hire someone else to do it?
I edit all books myself. I will hire someone to help me with transcription or indexing or other skills that I either don't have or can't do alone. But if I need to hire someone else or otherwise outsource a function, you'll not only know it first, but I'll get your permission.

Do you make the changes on the Word document?
We can negotiate that. Usually I do not make those changes. I work in pencil on paper. Then it is up to you to make the changes on the Word doc. But I have also negotiated with authors who prefer that I make those changes.

May I e-mail you my manuscript?
I prefer that you send me the hard copy of the manuscript, properly formatted. If we have a conversation first and I say it's okay, then you may e-mail me two chapters of your book for a look-see. If you're a publisher or literary agent, we can discuss what's best for you.

Do you take credit cards?
Yes, but your first payment must be made by PayPal, personal check or money order.

What happens after you edit the manuscript?
After I finish editing your manuscript, I write you a letter with my analysis and suggested changes. These letters vary in length depending on what type of editorial help you need. An analysis only will yield a letter of about 3-5 pages. A full-blown book edit usually yields a letter averaging 7-10 pages long. I write notes on the manuscript itself too, but the letter pulls together all my thoughts.

Once you receive the marked manuscript and letter back from me, I'm happy to have a phone conversation with you to answer any questions you may have or to discuss any issues about the manuscript.

How long does it take you to edit a manuscript?
Anywhere from a week to a month. We can discuss your preferred deadline, but I like to have time with a manuscript and often need the time to think through issues. Scheduling may be an issue depending on how many books I have going.

How many books do you edit per year?
Over the years I've averaged 8-12 books per year for editing.

Do you have references?
I'm happy to provide you with references. Just ask me.

Ready for an estimate? Have more questions? Comments?

E-mail christi at or call +1-505-986-1142.

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